Get to Know Us

Service Times



  • Worship Service – 10 am
  • Children’s Church – 10 am


  • Service – 7pm
  • Youth Group – 7pm

Mission Statement

Our mission is to compassionately
reach and disciple all generations,
to welcome others into our lives
by building godly relationships,
to equip the church to minister,
and to develop a lifestyle of
worship and love of God.


HOP ministry leaders try to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit by allowing some flexibility to the schedule of the service. Length of services is typically one and a half to two hours. 

    • Everyone is welcomed at the door by warm and thoughtful people who can direct you or answer questions about children’s church, our facilities, and opportunities to grow or serve. The greeters are happy to get know you and learn how HOP can help equip and encourage you. 
    • Most people dress casually. 
    • Services start with all ages in the sanctuary engaged in worship through praise, singing, and opening prayer to seek the presence of God. 
    • We have nursery facilities available where parents can still see the service if they sometimes need a place to care for young children. 
    • At the beginning of service is the time for announcements of upcoming events and opportunities for involvement. 
    • Praise and worship segment is led by our worship team with current songs and music. Particular focus is placed upon this time as a significant component of anointed fellowship with God. 
    • After a period of praise and worship, the pastor brings a message of teaching or preaching and insight from God’s word as invitation to encounter God and encouragement for spiritual growth. 
    • As the pastor starts his message, children aged 4 through 5th grade are invited to go out to children’s church with the children’s ministries teachers for fun, age appropriate activities, and lessons from the Bible. 
    • As the pastor finishes, invitation is made to all who would like to receive prayer for any need.  Time is allowed for ministry and prayer with practice and application of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. 
    • The service finishes with closing prayer. 
    • Many folks like to meet new people or re-connect with others for a few minutes of informal fellowship after the service Some may continue on in a time of ministry and prayer after service ends..